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Five projects at Jewish General Hospital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Five tasks at Jewish General Hospital - Essay Example Further depictions are given concerning significant specialized, relational, and administrative experiences picked up, which are summed taking everything into account. Every outline toward the finish of the report depicts exercises learned, from the work directed. The individual cooperations between faculty, including different specialists, lay-people, and different experts gave broad advantages that are rehashed in the end. Task #1: Title: Major Renovation of the crisis generator #1(G1) of the clinic and the related electrical work. The reason for this task was to perform broad fixes to the old crisis generator #1 situated in the storm cellar floor of the Jewish General Hospital (JGH). A large number of these fixes comprised of supplanting the starters of the generator, swapping the hoses and tests for temperature and weight, and supplanting the wiring of the generator’s motor. Furthermore, the alternator must be destroyed all together for Hewitt Equipment Limited Inc. to confirm it, clean it, and supplant the course. Be that as it may, we understood that it would be outlandish for Hewitt Inc. laborers to move the alternator out of its current area because of the way that it was too large contrasted with the passageway entryway of that room. In this manner, my job as a venture supervisor was to contact a business visionary that will make another opening just as put in new entryways in that room all together for â€Å"Hewitt Inc.† laborers to have the option to move the alternator out the room with no issues. To do as such, I initially needed to contact a planner known as David Gordon from â€Å"Rubin and Rotman associates† for drawings of the proposed opening and the components of the new entryways. For instance, Mr. Gordon suggested that solitary a twofold entryway made out of steel protected with warm breezes must be introduced in the generator’s room. He likewise referenced that the twofold entryway must have an initial edge of 180

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Market Failure: Food Adulteration in Bangladesh

Market Failure * Adulteration in Food Industry Submitted to: Mr. Sheik Morshed Jahan Associate Professor Course Instructor †Bangladesh Studies Submitted by: Samia Khan (RQ 16) Adel Mostaque Ahmed (ZR 22) Ahnaf Zabee (ZR 35) Rituraj Baidya (ZR 56) Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka April 9, 2012 Table of Contents Market failure3 Food contaminated in Bangladesh3 Mouthwatering looks:4 Endurance:4 Examples of food adulteration5 The consequences:6 The mindfulness issue:6 Penalties7 The Solution8 Conclusion8 Market failureMarket disappointment is an idea inside financial hypothesis portraying when the distribution of merchandise and enterprises by a free market isn't proficient. That is, there exists another possible result where a market member might be improved off without exacerbating another person off. Market disappointments can be seen as situations where people's quest for unadulterated personal responsibility prompts results that are not proficient †that can be enhanced from the cultural perspective. Food contaminated in Bangladesh Food debasement is the way toward including synthetic substances with nourishments, which ought not be contained inside food and beverages.Chemical substances or just adulterants might be added to substances to decrease producing costs, or for some beguiling or malevolent reason. At the point when benefit in business is a higher priority than ethical quality, at that point it is conceivable to add the harming substance to the nourishments and refreshments. A predetermined number of individuals may pass on without nourishments however a huge populace has been experiencing confused sicknesses identified with food corruption, which might be even lead to death in future. Tainted food devouring is the sitting tight for death, which is a more awful discipline than death.Food contaminated has become a significant issue in Bangladesh. Vegetables, fish, milk, organic product, and sweetmeats nothing is protect ed, and is being sold in the market lavishly. Be that as it may, the contaminated that influences the purchasers legitimately originates from cafés. The cafés are utilizing poisonous synthetic substances like formalin and material color stuffs in saving nourishments, which play devastation in wellbeing framework. The greater part of the country’s populace, particularly ladies and kids would be the most exceedingly terrible casualty if the specialists neglect to stop food adulteration.The number of individuals harassed by malignant growth and other ceaseless illnesses because of taking of contaminated nourishments has recently gone up to such a disturbing level, that a few people have even quit purchasing numerous basic nutritious food sources and vegetables other than some essential food grains, for minor endurance, that they accept that are not tainted. Scrumptious looks: There is a unique interest for new gorgeous nourishments among clients and they are happy to pay extra only for the look. Notwithstanding, we should be wary in light of the fact that, Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) affirmed that wholesalers utilize a few instruments to make nourishments attractive.In their investigation, it came out that as a rule the flavors are blended in with block dust, cumin is blended in with sawdust, and sugar syrup is added with nectar to improve the pleasantness. Untrustworthy merchants utilize a large group of fixings, for example, creature fat, palm oil, potato pound and vegetable oil to deliver counterfeit spread oil. In another examination, the Food and Nutrition Institution, University of Dhaka6 have discovered disturbing degree of destructive microbes like E-coli, Salmonella and Shigella microscopic organisms in the greater part of the eatery food and road food in the city. Numerous road food sellers and cafés reuse consumed preparing oil for searing food items.Once the oil is utilized for cooking, it gets oxidized and its further use creat es peroxide, which is exceptionally unsafe for the human body. Continuance: It is a test to keep new creates, meats and fish for a more drawn out time in Bangladesh. The majority of the brokers don't have freezing vans or atmosphere control storeroom to guarantee the nature of the food. In any case, numerous merchants thought of unordinary thoughts to keep their items unblemished for longer time that represent a drawn out wellbeing danger to the shoppers. Café proprietors utilize this strategy to decrease their crude material buying cost.Often formaldehyde is showered to foods grown from the ground to keep them new for longer span. Some different instances of food defilement Views about the extent of tainted food things available shift somewhere in the range of 70 and 90 percent. In excess of 76 percent food things available were discovered tainted in an irregular study by Public Health Laboratory of Dhaka City Corporation in 2004. There are around 150 food things in the nation, sa id SK Roy, a senior researcher at the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B).Roy said that block dust is applied in stew powder; urea is utilized to brighten rice and puffed rice; sawdust in free tea; cleanser in Ghee; and counterfeit sugar, coal tar, and material colors in sweetmeats. Formalin applied on fish, organic product, meat, and milk causes throat malignant growth, blood malignancy, youth asthma, and skin sicknesses, he said. Noxious shading specialists like emanation mine, rhodomine B, malachite green, yellow G, allura red, and Sudan red applied on food things for shading, splendor, and newness †harm liver and kidney, and cause stomach malignant growth, asthma, and bladder disease, said Roy.Coloring operators chrome, tartzine, and erythrosine are utilized in flavors, sauces, juices, lentils, and oils †causing disease, hypersensitivity, and respiratory issue. Calcium carbide may prompt disease in kidney, liver, skin, prostate, a nd lungs. Rye flour utilized in grain, bread, and wheat flour add to spasm and unnatural birth cycle. Hormone utilized in cauliflower causes barrenness of ladies. Agino moto or monosodium glutamate utilized in Chinese café food things cause sensory system issue and gloom. Urea put in puffed rice and rice causes sensory system harm and respiratory problem.Sulphuric corrosive utilized in milk for buildup makes harm the cardiovascular framework. Utilization of over the top and unapproved pesticides additionally cause pollution of food, he said including that added substances utilized for making food things appealing can be deadly if those are dangerous. Be that as it may, some allowed additives, thickening specialists, gelling operators, cancer prevention agents, and stabilizers could be innocuous whenever applied in fitting amount, said Roy. Food grains, vegetables, and fish additionally are tainted by mechanical contamination of the dirt, air, and water, he said.Burnt motor oil is u tilized to broil Jilapi, while fake scent is applied on flours, said Khalil Ahmed, official judge of Dhaka City Corporation, who works a versatile court against debased nourishments in the capital. The results: The drawn out outcomes of expending synthetic rewarded food things will be obliterating. The youngsters would be the most exceedingly awful influenced bunch among all on the off chance that they eat synthetic blended food things. Formaldehyde causes different gastro-intestinal disarranges whenever expended for long.Most of the synthetics may bring about long haul skin sicknesses, harm lungs and kidneys and some of them can create diseases. BSTI uncovered that around 1,000 drinking water production lines exist in the nation, just 400 of which have licenses from the BSTI. Bottlers of drinking water production lines have mushroomed with little respect to consistence of standard or BSTI permit. Notwithstanding BSTI dropping the licenses of 139 packaging manufacturing plants over the most recent year and a half, there has been updates on setting up of new industrial facilities in new locations.The result: kids and matured individuals are confronting steady danger of infections even with the filtered water delivered by these production lines. The mindfulness issue: The discouraging part is that the majority of the merchants or makers utilizing synthetic substances in nourishments don't know about its drawn out effect on human body and general condition. The main driver, which inspires them, is the extra pay on deals. A considerable lot of them even don't have the foggiest idea about the name of the synthetic concoctions they are showering on the nourishments to accelerate the maturing procedure. They simply go to the drug store and they get the medication with no permit.Besides, tainted food once expended doesn't result rapidly in human body. After some time, these synthetic concoctions gradually transform a human body into a perfect host for lethal illnesses and here and there bring about the advancement of malignancy and other deadly ailments. In any case, the legislature alongside media is attempting to improve the mindfulness condition with numerous exercises. The best activity to date was the counter debasement drive drove by a portable court. This drive began in 2007 with a group that incorporated an officer, media accomplices and police.For two back to back years, the drive was a triumph and the justice Rokon-Ud-Dowla turned into a VIP. During that time, the versatile court revealed the majority of the corruption instruments utilized by dealers and makers. Since the drive was not supported by a far reaching plan; later when politically tested; the viability weakened in the long run. Punishments The Pure Food Act 1959 that prosecutes wrongdoers of food corruption has a preposterously low punishment of Tk. 200. Regardless of the ostensible fine, the sum acknowledged from the versatile court drives has been tremendous. In 2012, a ca utiousness group of National Consumers Right Protection Directorate has acknowledged taka two lakh and 6,000 as fine from various lodgings, cafés and cheap food looks for selling defiled and spoiled nourishments in the International Trade Fair at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. * Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was sued in Dhaka because of its utilization of corrupted vegetable oil to get ready significant expense food this year. Authority says KFC outlets of Dhaka and Chittagong have made no move to keep up standard of nourishments however a significant number of those were fined for unacceptable nourishments and unhygienic state of their kitchens. On August 7, 2011, a portable court for food in Chittagong discovered spoiled vegetables and tomatoes in their (KFC’s) cooler, and found that their serving of mixed greens bundles don't have data about the pieces and nourishment

Alu Potol Industry of Bd Free Essays

Part 1: Information Systems in Global Business Today [MIS - L10/e] Multiple Choices 1. At the point when about all center business forms are carefully empowered, Correct Answer: the firm is increasingly serious and effective. 2. We will compose a custom exposition test on Alu Potol Industry of Bd or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now Which business target alludes to the accomplishment of more elevated levels of effectiveness and profitability? Right Answer: Operational greatness 3. Which business target alludes to expanding a company’s incomes while diminishing its expenses? Right Answer: Customer and provider closeness 4. Which of the accompanying comprises of all the equipment and programming that a firm needs to accomplish its business goals? Right Answer: Information innovation 5. Information molded into significant structure are called Correct Answer: data. 6. Crude realities that have not been composed into a valuable structure are called Correct Answer: information. 7. Which action of a data framework changes over crude contribution to a significant structure? Right Answer: Processing 8. Which movement of a data framework enables an association to assess or address the info stage? Right Answer: Feedback 9. PC proficiency centers principally around: Correct Answer: an information on data innovation. 10. The duty regarding checking the day by day exercises of a business tumbles to this authoritative level: Correct Answer: Middle administration. 11. The world’s biggest and most broadly utilized system is the Correct Answer: Internet. 12. The linkage of at least two PCs together to share information or assets is called a(n): Correct Answer: arrange. 13. Which of the accompanying couldn't be ordered an integral authoritative resource required to advance comes back from data innovation ventures? Right Answer: The Internet and broadcast communications foundation. 4. The specialized way to deal with data frameworks incorporates: Correct Answer: software engineering, the board science, and tasks inquire about. 15. Which of the accompanying would not be named a specialized way to deal with the investigation of data frameworks? Right Answer: Economics True or False 1. Changes in the business condition, for example, new bookkeeping laws are prodding the development of advanced data. Rig ht Answer: True 2. Business forms allude to the smoothing out of standard working systems so as to take out bottlenecks. Right Answer: False . There is a developing association between a firm’s capacity to utilize data innovation and its capacity to actualize corporate methodologies and accomplish corporate objectives. Right Answer: True 4. The more closeness a business can make with its providers, the more it can bring down expenses. Right Answer: True 5. Government and state guidelines can constrain a business to improve its data frameworks. Right Answer: True 6. Data is characterized as information that has been molded into a structure that is significant and helpful to individuals. Right Answer: True 7. Data framework input just catches information from inside the business however not from its outside condition. Right Answer: False 8. Individuals from the association assess and right contributions through criticism. Right Answer: True 9. PC education centers around the two individuals and innovation. Right Answer: False 10. Information laborers are specialists or engineers who plan items or administrations. Right Answer: True 11. Every association has an exceptional culture. Right Answer: True 12. The Internet has made a widespread innovation stage that permits organizations to make new administrations. Right Answer: True 13. Intranets and extranets utilize indistinguishable innovation stages from the Internet. Right Answer: True 14. Reciprocal resources are those benefits required to get an incentive from an auxiliary speculation. Right Answer: False 15. It very well may be said that â€Å"all data frameworks are types of conduct systems†. Right Answer: False Essay 1. Give a diagram of the six business destinations of data frameworks. 2. Data frameworks produce the data that associations need to decide, control tasks, break down issues, and make new items or administrations. Recognize and depict the three exercises found in data frameworks. 3. Clarify the contrast between PC proficiency and data education. 4. Quickly portray how data frameworks impact associations, individuals, and innovation. 5. The investigation of data frameworks is a multidisciplinary field. Distinguish the six significant controls that contribute issues, issues, and answers for the investigation of data frameworks. Clarify why no single hypothesis or point of view commands. Section 2: Global E-Business: How Businesses Use Information Systems Multiple Choices 1. Coherently related arrangements of exercises that characterize how business errands are performed are called Correct Answer: business forms. 2. Which business work is liable for giving client care support? Right Answer: Sales and advertising 3. Which business work is answerable for figuring out where to find new plants? Right Answer: Production and assembling 4. Which business work is answerable for following finance exchanges? Right Answer: Accounting and money 5. Which kind of framework tracks basic exercises of an association? Right Answer: Transaction handling framework (TPS) . Which sort of framework produces provides details regarding a customary calendar in a foreordained configuration? Right Answer: Management data framework 7. Which sort of framework is regularly utilized for breaking down information? Right Answer: Decision-emotionally supportive network 8. These frameworks address nonroutine choices requiring judgment, assessment, and knowledge in light of the fact that th ere is no conceded to method for showing up at an answer. Right Answer: Executive emotionally supportive networks 9. Frameworks that length every single practical zone and spotlight on executing business forms over the firm are called Correct Answer: venture applications. 0. Which framework stores every single authoritative datum in a solitary focal information archive? Right Answer: Enterprise framework 11. Which of the accompanying would not portray how a firm can profit by gracefully chain the executives frameworks? Right Answer: Control the activities of machines and hardware 12. Which kind of big business application is explicitly used to enable a business to build deals? Right Answer: Customer relationship the board (CRM) framework 13. Which sort of big business application stores indexes of representatives with uncommon subject matters? Right Answer: Knowledge the executives framework 14. This term alludes to the utilization of computerized innovation and the Internet to execute the significant business forms in an undertaking: Correct Answer: Electronic business. 15. Which individual is liable for the general utilization of data innovation in a huge combination? Right Answer: Chief Information Officer (CIO) True/False 1. Business forms allude to the way where work is composed, facilitated, and centered to create an important item or administration. Right Answer: True 2. Data frameworks improve business forms by empowering completely new procedures that are equipped for changing the business. Right Answer: True 3. An all around planned single framework can give all the data an association needs. Right Answer: False 4. A human asset framework is intended to design the drawn out power needs of an association. Right Answer: True 5. Exchange handling frameworks are planned fundamentally to break down information and give intermittent reports to center chiefs. Right Answer: False 6. A great part of the information in the board data frameworks originates from exchange preparing frameworks (TPS). Right Answer: True 7. Exchange preparing frameworks for the most part are adaptable and have colossal investigative abilities. Right Answer: False 8. Choice emotionally supportive networks (DSS) regularly depend on data from outer sources. Right Answer: True 9. Official emotionally supportive networks are intended to address nonroutine choices requiring judgment, assessment, and knowledge. Right Answer: True 10. Exchange preparing frameworks are the main framework that utilizes gateways to introduce data to senior administrators. Right Answer: False 11. Flexibly chain the executives (SCM) frameworks are intended to gather information from different key business procedures and store the information in a solitary focal information storehouse. Right Answer: False 12. Client relationship the board (CRM) frameworks help firm’s distinguish, draw in, and hold the most beneficial clients. Right Answer: True 13. Intranets are inside systems worked with indistinguishable apparatuses and correspondence guidelines from the Internet and are utilized for the interior dispersion of data to representatives. Right Answer: True 14. Purchasing and selling products and enterprises over the Internet is alluded to as web based business. Right Answer: True 15. Software engineers establish the key contacts between the data frameworks gathering and the remainder of the association. Right Answer: False Essay 1. What are â€Å"business processes†? What purposes do they serve in the firm? 2. Clarify the contrast between an administration data framework and a choice emotionally supportive network as they identify with center chiefs. 3. Examine the interrelationships among TPS, MIS, DSS, and ESS frameworks. 4. What is the capacity of a CRM framework? 5. Organizations today are empowered by or dependent on computerized systems. What is implied by e-business and web based business? Step by step instructions to refer to Alu Potol Industry of Bd, Essay models

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Quality Management in Organizations

Presentation In assembling just as the administration business, among the basic achievement factors remembers working for expansion to supporting elite in associations. On the off chance that an association actualizes a powerful quality administration procedure, there is a critical probability that the authoritative achievement will be underpinned.Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on Quality Management in Organizations explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Contemporary associations have understood the huge number of advantages introduced by joining a part of value the executives. The gainfulness just as the seriousness related with the cutting edge associations can be to a great extent ascribed to quality administration. Antony, Escamilla and Caine (2003, p. 40) distinguishes quality administration as a methodology whose primary center is to improve, quality as well as execution too in an exertion towards meeting or in any event, surpassing the desires for the clients. For the most part, quality affirmation involves four significant perspectives, which incorporate quality confirmation, quality control, quality arranging notwithstanding quality improvement. An association that utilizes quality administration will in general spotlight on quality and the manner by which the quality can be accomplished. In this manner, in quality administration, not all the four angles are used. Rather, just quality confirmation and quality control are accentuated on (Antony, Escamilla Caine 2003, p. 41). Theory articulation The motivation behind this paper is to survey the way wherein quality administration systems can for the most part add to the achievement of an association. What's more, the paper will likewise concentrate on recognizing and breaking down fundamentally how quality administration systems are applied in an association. This examination will be founded on the executives just as specialized frameworks. Further, the paper will get to b oth the advantages just as the issues that are probably going to be experienced by an association with utilization of six-sigma quality administration later on. Conversation How quality administration structure encourages the achievement of an association Foremost, so as to see how this achievement comes around, the top administration of the association must guarantee that they comprehend this idea completely. Thusly, quality administration structure is a term generally utilized in all out quality administration to allude to an apparatus used to encourage the fruitful conveyance of the two items just as administrations over the enterprise.Advertising Looking for exposition on business financial aspects? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Guided by the quality administration structure, an association that has executed absolute quality administration in its framework for the most part works to its full limit. Then again, an associa tion that has not yet understood the need of value the board doesn't work to its maximum capacity (Shenawy, Baker Lemak, 2007 p. 442). The following are a portion of the manners by which quality administration structures encourage accomplishment to an association. Normalization of procedures An association utilizing the part of absolute quality administration is known to normalize the inside notwithstanding the outside procedures. This infers quality administration systems give a recompense of expanded efficiencies, that is, quicker procedures notwithstanding less expenses, concerning acquainting new items with the clients. Further, the normalized forms signify reinforce the strategies utilized in the provider the executives. Besides, normalized forms, through quality administration, empower an association to viably control the vigorous expenses. This suggests the general benefits of the association will be extraordinarily improved. PCI and security consistence In their examination, Shenawy, Baker and Lemak (2007, p. 460) discovered that quality administration structure, when executed, fills in as a key achievement factor. The purpose behind this is through it, an association can guarantee that the PCI notwithstanding security over the lifecycle of a task is completely consented to. Characterizing the Lifecycle of a venture to be attempted by an element helps in thinking of the most suitable structure and in that capacity; it helps enormously in actualizing the strong security strategy. This thus ensures accomplishment to an association. At the point when quality administration system is embraced by a substance while utilizing antiquities, which have been structured explicitly for powerful security arrangement, it follows that there will be an accomplishment of important upgrades in the association and this suggests proceeded with progress. Fit for reason forms Organizations actualize quality administration structures to guarantee that the both the inward just as the outside procedures are fit for use. The substance of value the board is persistent improvement of procedures. This includes nonstop checking of the procedures and consequently distinguishing the reason for any defect inside the procedures. Through this persistent checking, it infers that the procedures will consistently be liberated from imperfections and this thusly guarantees the procedures are constantly fit for reason. At the point when an organization’s forms are constantly fit for reason, there is no example where flawed nature of items or under efficiency will be accounted for and this ensures achievement notwithstanding keeping up the upper hand of the organization.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Quality Management in Organizations explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sufficiently vigorous procedures Implementation of value the board systems guarantees that the interior just as the outside procedures of an association are adequately strong. This implies the degree or the inclusion of the creation forms is broad in this way the association can exploit any chances while recognizing issues. Further, powerful procedures use the full limit and capability of the association while watching the quality and in this manner boost of profits. This thus causes the association to build up itself among the most monetarily steady and consequently pulling in speculators simultaneously combining its credit value status to the lenders. Troublesomeness An association that has not understood the convenience of value the board as a rule capitulates because of ineffectiveness, deficient quality just as consistent misfortunes inferable from difficult procedures. Notwithstanding, actualizing quality administration process limits or totally wipes these weights and thus reestablishing the seriousness of an association. How quality administration systems are applied in an association Quality administration structures, when applied in an association, completely center around the fulfillment of the desires for the clients, discovery of issues, responsibility working notwithstanding advancing commitment of thoughts from the representatives with the end goal of dynamic. Quality administration systems applies a few diagnostic instruments including check sheets just as measurable chards with a point of gathering information in regards to the exercises rehearsed inside the association. A few methods are utilized and these incorporate; conceptualizing, ostensible groupings notwithstanding shaping of agreement in an exertion towards encouraging both the dynamic procedure just as the correspondence procedure (Juran 1995, p. 87). A few associations have been rehearsing quality administration structure application since it was found. In any case, this has been limitedly done. The way toward incorporating quality administration structures in addition to the fact that it enhance supplements the approachs utilized i n standard program and appraisal model too. These systems are without a doubt fundamental as they are considered as instruments important to build up the key bearings for an association. With model norms accessible, an association is thusly furnished with a sane strategy in which it can survey its specified objectives notwithstanding its possibilities concerning items or administration outcomes.Advertising Searching for article on business financial matters? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More An association that applies quality administration systems will in general put its whole spotlight on work forms. In this sort of a center, a few procedures are applied with a point of improving the creation procedure of the association and these incorporate both social just as expository methods. Use of value the board structures include utilization of a progression of stream charts and accordingly supporting in distinguishing the means followed in the creation procedure of an association. Further, the variables saw to be the central supporter of deferrals in the process are additionally recognized. Aside from this, use of value the executives systems permits an association to recognize as well as attempt different strides to improve the creation procedure notwithstanding checking the outcomes in an exertion towards the achievement of upgrades, which is ceaseless in nature. In this sort of an application, there is a crucial test surfaced and this worries the use of inner guidelines of performan and Lemak (2007, p. 471) set up that, while the usage of guidelines of execution is viewed as the underlying purpose of complete quality administration, quality administration process, which is consistent a persistent procedure, outperforms the adjustment to norms of the executives. Use of value the board structures requires the top administration direct an efficient investigation of the whole work performed by the representatives in and for the association. During this investigation, the accentuation point ought to be the level coordination of both the administrations just as items over the current program regions in the association. The proces

The Other Two free essay sample

An examination of the short story The Other Two by Edith Wharton. The paper breaks down the plot and characters The Other Two, a short story by creator, Edith Wharton. The paper shows the book as an assessment of the dynamic phases of bafflement that a man comes to feel toward his better half who is portrayed to us in wording that are absolutely not exactly complimentary. Bu,t while ones starting reaction after perusing this story is to transfer Alice to the dustbin of uninvolved, excessively enamored with show ladies, a closer perusing must cause one to reevaluate ones own dissatisfaction with the character. We are never given any clue that Alice in any capacity changes. What changes is that Waythorn starts to see her quiet aura not exclusively as a part of her maternal nature (that is, as a part of a type of female sexuality that is appropriately directed into the creation of youngsters inside legitimate marriage) however as a part of her sexuality. We will compose a custom paper test on The Other Two or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page She has changed, to utilize the unpolished yet successful phrasing of women's activist talk regarding the matter, from the virgin to the prostitute, from the lady whose sexuality is constrained by men to the lady who controls her own sexuality.

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Questions Raised About Etisalats Marketing Management - 3850 Words

Particular Questions Raised About Etisalat's Marketing Management (Essay Sample) Content: ETISALAT MARKETING MANAGEMENTStudents NameProfessors NameCourse Name + Course CodeState/CityDateIntroductionEtisalat is a leading telecommunications operator in the Middle East and parts of Africa with services currently being offered in 15 nations. The company presently holds a market value of $26 billion and has annual revenues of over $13 billion. The company also has assets valued to be worth an excess of $33 billion (Etisalat 2016, n. pag.). Etisalat is currently engaged in a market expansion process where it seeks to increase its global market share through offering services in new markets. Marketing plays an important role in both the established and new markets for Etisalat.How does the organization of your choice differentiate between selling and marketing concepts?According to (Schmitt 2011, p.18), the marketing concept demands that businesses must critically examine the needs of their consumers to enable them to make informed decisions aimed at meeting the identified needs better than competitors. Through the understanding of the target consumers, the business focuses its product features to meeting the intricate needs highlighted through the marketing concept. The marketing concept as explained by Schmitt is thus a process of ascertaining business competitiveness through filling the gaps competition has ignored or is unable to fill. Etisalats growth is pillared on the quality of services mobile and internet services across its operating markets. As a market leader in the nations the company offers its services, Etisalat has taken up innovation and creative products as a differentiation strategy. Innovation is also part of the strategic plan as it seeks to explore the global market. Etisalats customer service department is utilized as a key contact point with its consumers. As such, it is an important part of the marketing process as the primary feedback platform on new and existing services. The company views the customer service se ction as an important feeder to the marketing team with customer feedback. Customer feedback is also taken as a primary indicator of the success of all marketing activities and new product launches. Through the customer feedback, both the marketing and the research and development teams are in a position to get first-hand information from the customers and make strategic plans in reaction to this information. Since the customer service department plays such an important role, it is one of the most diversified functions of the company with several contact points having been created. Customers can get in touch with the company through; its website, various social media accounts, calls, live chat as well as through direct interaction at its various dealer offices. The essence of this move is to ensure that the company is completely accessible so as to enable easier market information collection.On the other hand, the selling concept is explained by (Roberts Berger 1989, p.174) to asse rt that customers will not buy the products of a company on their volition. As such, the selling concept holds that the seller must aggressively engage in selling and promotion activities to ensure the consumers buy their product. This view is further echoed by (Kotler, et al., 2009) who argue that consumers intrinsically have buying inertia and thus ought to be coerced into buying the products on offer. Typically, the selling concept is applied by companies that have a production overcapacity whose aim becomes selling what they make as opposed to what the market wants. Etisalats global market expedition is geared by the firms achievement os production efficiency in its current markets. As such, the company can produce and support its services in their most efficient forms thus maximizing the profit generated. The selling concept at Etisalat clearly comes out through their RD engagements. After providing their customers with the common mobile service products, the firm has gone ahea d to create particular products for their different market segments. These products target the organizations, youth, heavy data users, heavy call time users and also the light users for both data and calls. Above creation of these products, there is massive advertisement behind every package in its target niche to ensure that subscribers are not only aware but also consume the service in large numbers.Explain the marketing process and its relevance with respect to your chosen organization.The marketing process as discussed by (Wright 1999, p.18) is made of four core processes analysis, selection, marketing mix and management.Market analysisThe first step in the marketing process is a comprehensive evaluation of the market so as to identify the existing gaps and opportunities to be exploited by a product in a bid to exert itself in the market. As such, these opportunities are the needs and wants of the customers that have not been met by the competition. When initiating their market ing process, Etisalat focused on the longevity of identified opportunity to enable it to improve the service over time. Further, the supporting of a marketing information system (MIS) is seen as a critical element in this process for the collection of important information about the target market. The MIS offers useful information on customer demographics, competitors, general market trends, and any unusual changes in the market that may be beneficial to the firm.Fig 1: Marketing Information SystemSelection of target marketThe selection of a segment where the marketing and selling of the product will focus is an essential stage of the marketing process. Since it is impractical for the company to meet the needs of their entire market, targeting enables it to concentrate on the segment where it can best utilize its strengths to meet the segments needs. Selection of the target market is made up of; market segmentation, targeting, and position.Market segmentationEtisalat has divided its market into several segments with each segment having homogenous wants. The segmentation process is informed by characteristics and behaviors of consumers with each diverse segment requiring different strategic approaches as well as marketing mixes. Here, Etisalat grouped their customers primarily by their talk time and data usage; there are also products for the youth.Market targetingA discussion by (Weinstein 2013, p.67) holds that in the targeting process all sections of the whole market are evaluated to verify the attractiveness of all the sections. The outcome of this process is the selection of a single or more of the most attractive segments, and the market penetration process is initiated. The approach taken by Etisalat here is that the segment ought to offer an opportunity for the firm to create customer value over time. Another important factor taken into consideration here is the firms ability to meet the needs of the particular segments.Market positioningThe marketing p osition principle defines the process through which the product on offer is placed on the minds of target consumers in a way better that taken by competition. In its market positioning strategy, Etisalat focuses on the particular elements through which its products offer a competitive advantage to customers over competitor products. Market positioning is deemed to be effective when the firm can offer efficient and competitive products to its consumers enabling them to attain maximum value as opposed to competing products.Development of the marketing mixThe development of a marketing strategy is followed by planning on the marketing mix. A discussion by Kotler and Armstrong (2006, p.74) explains the marketing mix to be a composition of variables that the firm mixes to stimulate particular desired behaviors from the targeted market.Product this defines the services Etisalat offers to its consumers. These are messaging, internet and data, mobile and wireless, e-payment services, manag ed services, and voice.Price this is the money consumers are required to pay for them to use Etisalat services. The pricing strategy is taken according to the needs of Etisalats various target segments.Place these are the efforts the company puts to ensure that its products are readily accessible to its consumers. Etisalat has moved to ensure reliable network coverage that is supported by a substantial number of Etisalat dealers across the market.Promotion these defines the measures the company has implemented to increase product sales through the provision of ample information on their products and the advantages they offer.In the organization of your choice, understand and explain how the marketing objectives are aligned to the core objectives of the organization.The marketing team at Etisalat is engaged in a continuous process to ensure customers are aware of its products and also buy these products. The core objectives for Etisalat are; * Re-shape the lives of consumers * Acc elerate the economic growth of businesses, and * Enhance the competitiveness of the countryAs such, the firms marketing objectives are designed to support these objectives as a tool for enabling the firm to attain its set out objectives.The marketing objective for an increase in Etisalat sales works to accelerate the firms aim for economic growth. Through a sustained growth in sales volumes, Etisalat is placed at a better position to meet its economic advancement objectives. The economic acceleration aim is also supported by the marketing goal for the growth of market share (Sm...

Monday, June 1, 2020

Governance Without Government Blockchain Technology - Free Essay Example

It is said that every generation experiences one revolution in their lifetime, but often are not even aware of it. My generation is standing face to face with technology that has the potential to change the world order as we know it. The blockchain is the running force behind the next Internet revolution that transforms the power structures in place, altering everything, from the way we communicate, do business to the way we deal with politics. In this essay, I will attempt to discuss the implications of such technology on an individual and societal level, exploring the possibilities of the next political system which overcomes the constraints of the current one nation-state. The Internet has 3 generations so far (Jain, 2006), the first wave the internet of information (Google), the second the internet of service (Facebook, Amazon), and the final, third one, that is now supposed to introduce technology never seen before Internet of value. Internet of value is significant on so many levels, but essentially it is supposed to give users the option to make transactions via Internet only. You must be wondering if your PayPal account is a part of this extremely valuable concept, and the answer is no. What makes this type of technology as revolutionary, is that it would completely cross out any existing middleman in any sort of exchange, and in this case your bank. This brings out a very important question what makes us need and use banks in the first place? What makes us give out personal information to random social media platforms? What makes us get in a vehicle with a stranger when using public transport? The answer to this is, in a way, painfully simple and intuitive we do it because we trust these institutions. We trust the bank to give us money when we ask for it, we trust the media platforms to make our communication easier and we trust the public transportation companies not to hire sociopaths, but drivers who are going to get us from point A to point B. Based on this trust that we have established, we create certain perceptions of these institutions. Our perceptions give them validity and purpose. The same is with countries we live in. We trust the government to keep us safe, to collect and redistribute tax money, to educate our children and do so much more. Trusting the institution of a nation-state, embodied in our government, we enable them to exercise the power of highest authority in the state, thus structuring peoples reality based on how they perceive the institution of a state. This means that any change in our perception would radically change the reality we live in. The Internet has so far changed the way we perceive find and use information and the way we communicate. Now, its about to This inevitably points to the raison detre [reason for being] of the nation-state and Andersons work (1983) on them in his book Imagined communities. He describes nation states to be a product of so-called print capitalism- the theory he used to describe how people form these imaginary communities based on commonly understood medium of communication (language).